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Mel Bay

Rhythmic Aerobics, Volume 2 Book/CD Set

Rhythmic Aerobics, Volume 2 Book/CD Set


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Rhythmic Aerobics Volume II is an advanced instruction book which specializes in four areas of drumming: shuffle, swing, six-eight and odd time signatures. It contains over 200 drum fills plus challenging material relative to today's music, all arranged in four-measure exercises. Drummers who use this text will improve their timing, technique, dexterity and learn a wealth of rhythms for the demands of modern drumming. Drum fills are also included on each page. Author Jim Ryan meticulously blends beats and fills throughout 85 pages of drum music. This is an excellent book for teachers with advanced students. Rhythmic Aerobics Volume II was created with material to stretch the limits of one's capability. A metronome should be used when practicing and try to repeat each exercise many times to achieve ideal benefits. Watch your band mates perk up when you throw in one of these beats or fills into a song! Use Volume II as part of one's practice sessions and you'll find practical material for use in becoming a well-rounded drummer for the world to hear. The newly included CD enhances the book with: • 200 drum beats and fills to help students become proficient with the exercises. 65 minutes of drumming is added to the package! •A click track is provided at the beginning of each exercise for play along. • Each chapter is recorded in depth • Drum beats and fills were recorded at moderate tempos so that drummers can play and read • Drum tuning on this CD makes it easier to reference drum to drum fill patterns. With this CD, you can differentiate between all 3 toms in the book. This makes the drum fills more understandable when one listens to the CD. Author's Website -

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