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A Tempo

A Tempo Shell Chimes

A Tempo Shell Chimes


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Add the sound of a stream or brook to your classroom with the A Tempo Shell Chimes! A great addition story time or sound effects during a performance. Padded clamshell bag included.

The A Tempo Shell Chimes are made from the seed husks of the Shacapa bush and strung from an American Muskwood mantle. The delicate, water-like sound adds a similar effect of a rain stick, but the timbre is lower like a stream or brook. You also have more control and the ability to make the sound continuous. Includes a padded clamshell bag.



  • Made from seed husks from Shacapa bush
  • Strung from American Muskwood Mantle
  • Creates delicate, water-like sound
  • More control than a rainstick
  • Padded clamshell bag included

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