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APC Tres Cubano, with Pickup, 100 Model

APC Tres Cubano, with Pickup, 100 Model


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The Cuban Tres is a guitar-like rhythm instrument with three courses of two strings each (six strings in all). It plays a key role in the Cuban son musical style and in many Afro-Cuban inspired bands. It is sometimes referred to as "Cuban tres guitar."

From the low pitch to the highest, the principal tuning is in C Major: G-C-E. Today many tresoros are playing a step up: A-D-F# or D Major. On this tres, the G and E strings are doubled at an octave, giving a much richer sound

Comes with very nice soft case. This 100 model features:

  • Solid Fine-Grained Cedar Top
  • Sapelli Back & Sides
  • Open Pore Finish


Video below shows the spruce top version without a pickup. 

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