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A small maraca type shaker called asalato (a-sla-to) in Ghana, where we import from, it is a simple musical instrument played throughout Africa. Goes by many names such as Kla Kla Rhythm Shakers, Kashaka, Aslatua, Asalato, Cascas, Televi, etc. Two small shells from the oncoba spinosa tree are filled with seeds and attached to both ends of a flexible cord. In playing, one of the pods is held in the palm with the cord going between the first and middle fingers, the other pod is flipped around and caught with the little finger. It makes a clacking sound when the two pods contact and a shake sound (more natural than western plastic “egg shakers”) when shaken.

Known by a number of other names including; kosika, kashaka, televi, two ball on a string, african egg shaker, etc., The simplicity of this instrument can be deceiving when in both hands of a skilled player.

 The medium asalato is perfect size for an average size person who want to start learning how to play, it is easy to hold and manipulate. 

*They are sold in units for one hand.

* some Asalatos may be darker than those in the photos.


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