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Greenblatt & Seay

Busking Fiddle Tunes for Two Basses

Busking Fiddle Tunes for Two Basses


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Traditionally, a busker is someone who performs (music, juggling, puppetry, etc.) in a public place for money. The 36 tunes in these books were carefully selected with busking in mind from 19 of the previously published Tunes for Two collections from Greenblatt & Seay. Not only can these tunes enable you to provide your admiring public with a wide variety of music they can also serve as a sampler of Deborah Greenblatt's arrangements from many of these books. For example there are American, Danish, Hungarian, Irish, Klezmer, Russian, and Busking tunes. There are also ragtime, renaissance, and classical tunes as well as eight tunes with lyrics for those of you who like to sing. Most of these tunes have guitar chords which can come in handy if you have friends that play rhythm instruments. Each of the Fiddle Tunes for Two collections consists of individual spiral bound books presented in score form. Individual books are available for Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, and Mandolins. The tunes in each book of each series are in the same keys.

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