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Bird Call, Undulated Tinamou

Bird Call, Undulated Tinamou


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Scientific Name: Crypturellus und undulatus
Other Denominations: Undulated tinamou (USA) * wavy partridge (Argentina) * wavy redbird (Venezuela).

Characteristics: Bird of the order of the Tinamiformes, of the family Tinamidae. His piado is heard from great distances. It forms flocks where there is only one male and several females (in spring). It inhabits hot climates, in the southeast, northeast and center-west regions. Its corner varies from one region to another. It emits a soft p, whereas the zabel™ of the northeast has a slightly hoarse sound.

How to Use in Nature: Protect your silhouette by camouflaging it to avoid being noticed and avoid sudden movements. This peep was inspired by the Zabel™ song found in the northeast and east regions of Brazil. Notice that in the mouth of the peep there are openings in the sides, these will be used to change the tone of the sound. Begin by holding the peep at the bottom with your left index fingers and thumb your thumb will be capping the bottom hole (this was inserted in the peep to adapt it to the corner of the Uru, whose process of use is on page 3) and with the right index finger and thumb in position near the sides of the mouth. Take a long and descending squeeze by closing only the lateral and short cavities with it closed and two short ones opening the lateral cavities then repeat a few times and wait for the bird to respond. Compare with the statement.

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