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Santorella's Accordion Method * Book 1A * with CD

Santorella's Accordion Method * Book 1A * with CD


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Santorella's Beginning Accordion Method by Jay Latulippe is educational, challenging, entertaining and fun. This best-selling accordion method is not just for kids. Santorella's incredible course provides an upbeat and practical approach to learning to play the accordion and is endorsed by the Accordion Teachers' Association of Massachusetts. Santorella's Accordion Method can be used alone or as a supplement to an existing accordion course. The books in this series offer students a solid musical foundation on which to build their training. Self-taught learners will be impressed by the accompanying CD's, which allow them to play along with a back track. This accompaniment CD makes you sound like a pro while you play with today's popular styles. Santorella's Accordion Method 1A (Primer), offers a comprehensive introduction to accordion performance as well as underlying concepts and lends itself to either private or group lessons. As students progress, they will be introduced to the fundamentals of musical theory and performance and will be challenged with improvisation and transposition techniques as well.

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