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Basic Fingering Chart for Alto Sax

Basic Fingering Chart for Alto Sax


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Due to the incredible success of our Instrumental Fingering Posters, we thought it would be extremely helpful to create a smaller version that would fit comfortably in every method book that any beginning student has been assigned. Santorella's Fingering charts are ideal for every beginner. Perfect for private students, classroom study or simply for a quick and easy reference guide while practicing at home. These graphic illustrations of assorted brass and reed instruments include Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, Trombone, Alto & Tenor Sax. Every chart displays the entire range of each instrument depicting a chromatic scale with fingering for each note including all enharmonic substitutions. Every chart also includes a diagram of each instrument, major scales, relative minor scales, trills and the circle of fifths which is essential for learning how to determine the key signature. Learning the keys is an imperative element of music study for every student and the sole reason we chose to place so much emphasis on the Circle of Fifths diagram.

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