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Ensenese A Tocar La Contrabajo

Ensenese A Tocar La Contrabajo


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Ensenese A Tocar La Contrabajo is the Spanish edition of Teach Yourself Bass Guitar and the authenticity of its translation has attributed to its incredible success in numerous Hispanic regions. This fantastic method by Bob Hartz was written to enable an inspired individual to learn to play this "nucleus" of every ensemble. With disciplined daily practice, you will quickly grasp the use of standard and tablature notation as well as the notes in first position. Once the importance of "time" is understood, scales are introduced in assorted keys to develop right hand finger style technique. Ensenese A Tocar La Contrabajo, exclusively distributed by Santorella Publications, is an extremely helpful tool which provides good basic exposure to the bass. This Ensenese A Tocar (Teach Yourself) title is a logical, step by step approach to learning and teaching yourself at your own pace. Learning to play the bass has never been easier. So take your time, have some fun and before you know it, you'll be playing your very first "Salsa Gig"! Introducción - Cuadro del mástil de la guitarra de bajos - Afinado - Cómo sostener la guitarra contrabajo - Notación básica - Barras de compás, compases y tiempos - Notas en la primera cuerda, "sol" - Ejercicios - Notas en la segunda cuerda, "re" - Cuadro de valores de silencios y notas - Metrónomo - Notas en la tercera cuerda "la" - Notas en la cuarta cuerda "mi" - Sostenidos, bemoles y becuadros - Notas con puntillo - Escalas mayors - Tonalidades - Todo, en conjunto - Blues - Rock'n Roll - Ritmo tipo claque.

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