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Basses Loaded * Primer with CD

Basses Loaded * Primer with CD


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"The Basses Loaded Series by Rod Goelz is the industry's best Bass Method for beginners". That's the chant kicking around all the magazine racks, educational string periodicals and musical water coolers across the country. This "Get Started Now" book will teach you all the essential skills you need for "gettin' you goin'" on the electric bass. Basses Loaded Quickstart Primer published by Santorella Publications covers pick-style, finger-style & slap style along with basic rhythm, basic patterns, basic classic lines & basic "blues" form & application. As a private instructor himself, Rod Goelz commands proper basic technique and making good fundamental bass sounds from day one. The basics are extremely important and should not be taken lightly, but learning these basic fundamentals can be an awful lot of fun. They are truly the foundation of all your bass playing that will follow. The "Quickstart Primer" includes an instructional CD with over 50 tracks of lessons and rhythm section play-a-longs. Be sure to visit Rod's Website @ to hear the sample audio loop called "Slap N' Pop" to get a feel for what the buzz all is about. Here's a quick glance at what you'll find inside this incredible book; Parts Of The Electric Bass - Tuning Your Electric Bass - The Fingerboard - Proper Thumb Position - Fingering Systems - Basic Rhythms & Rests - Reading & Playing Tablature - Beginning Pick - Style Technique - Pick-Style Quarter Notes - Pick-Style Eighth Notes - Practicing Basic Rhythms - Beginning Finger-Style Technique - "Doom" Sounds - "Dump" Sounds - Bass Line Approach: Pedaling, Pedaling Quarter Notes, Pedaling Eighth Notes - In the style of "With Or Without You" - The Mighty Riff; Your First Riff, Riff #2, Riff #3, Riff #4 - Bass Styles: Walking Bass, Walking The Blues, More Bass Runs - Beginner Blues Runs - Bass Styles; Alternating Bass, Root / 5th - In the style of "Uneasy Rider" - In the style of..."Good Hearted Woman" - Traditional Country Alternating Bass Style - Basic Latin Alternating Bass Style - Classic Rock Riffs: Themes & Variations; In the style of "All Day & All Night" - In the style of "You Really Got Me" - In the style of "Gloria" - In the style of "Gimme Some Lovin" - In the style of "Hang On Sloopy" - In the style of "Louie, Louie" - In the style of "Another Brick In The Wall" - In the style of "Cocaine" - Reading Scale Diagrams - Moveable: The Box Pattern, The Major Triad, The Major 6 Arpeggio - Bass Styles: The Baion Style, Applying The Baion Rhythm - Early Rhythm & Blues Style - Beginning Slap & Pop Technique - Slap Bass Style - Slap Bass Groove - Basic Theory: Whole Steps Vs. Half Steps - Basic Theory: Sharps vs Flats - Open Position: Note Inventory - What's Possible?? - Matching: Bass Players.

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