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Basses Loaded * Volume 2 * Rock Edition with CD

Basses Loaded * Volume 2 * Rock Edition with CD


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"The Basses Loaded Series by Rod Goelz is the industry's best Bass Method for the serious bass player". That's the chant kicking around all the magazine racks, educational string periodicals and musical water coolers across the country. Basses Loaded: Volume 2, Rock Edition" published by Santorella Publications will teach you Major & Natural Minor Music Theory and its application. This "96 Page Mammoth" edition teaches Straight 8th, Basic Shuffle, Baion Rhythms and Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales. There is an entire section devoted to Major & Minor Improvisational Patterns including Extended Pentatonic Scales with runs, licks and riffs. Essential Rock Slur Techniques and the "not to be forgotten" Classic Rock Ostinato Patterns are introduced and explained in detail. Basses Loaded: Volume 2 from Santorella Publications will feature the Rock "playing" styles of Paul McCartney (The Beatles), Jack Bruce (Cream), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), John Entwhistle (The Who), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and many others. Feel the impact of "Chicago Blues" & examine the enormous influence of "Latin Rhythms" in today's Rock & Roll Music. As you grasp the "5 Line Approaches" for building & improvising better "Rock" bass lines you'll begin to experience that nasty "growl" sound. This "Rock" edition also includes a CD with over 90 tracks of lessons and rhythm section play-a-longs. Be sure to visit Rod's Website @ to hear the sample audio loop called "The Geez" to get a feel for what this edition is all about. Here's a quick glance at what you'll find inside this incredible book; The Rock n' Roll Bass Player - Rock Bass: Basic Rhythms - Application: Chord To Chord Movement - Focus On Theory: Essential Intervals, The Major Scale - Major Scale Construction - Third Intervals & The Major Scale Chords - Major Chords within The Major Scale - Minor Chords within The Major Scale - The "VII" Chord & The Major Scale - Basic Open Patterns: Application - Basic Movable Patterns: Application - Groove Style: Quarter Note Rock Style - Rock Articulation Styles (Part 1): Making Upright Bass "Doom" Sounds - In The Style Of "Footstompin' Music" by Grandfunk Railroad - Swing Bass: Open Blues Runs - In The Style Of "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller - "Jump Blues" Bass: Mid-40s Style - In The Style Of "Caldonia" by Louis Jordon - "Rhythm & Blues" Bass: Early 50's Style - In The Style Of "Honey Hush" by Big Joe Turner - Early Rock Bass: In The Style Of Bill Black - In The Style Of "Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis Presley v Early Rock Bass: In The Style Of Willie Dixon - In The Style Of "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry - The British Invasion - Early Paul McCartney Style - In The Style Of "All My Loving" by The Beatles - 1970's Classic Rock Style - In The Style Of "Money" by Pink Floyd - Rock Articulation Styles (Part 2): Making "Dump" Sounds - In The Style Of "Memphis Tennessee" by Johnny Rivers - Quarter Note Rock Style - The Revivalist Movement, Part 1: Ska & Reggae - In The Style Of "Superman" by Goldfinger - The Revivalist Movement. Part 2: Swing - In The Style Of "Route 66" by The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Intervallic Visualization & Application - Quarter Note Rock Style: Bass Line Ideas - Put It Together: Sample Progressions - Focus On Theory: The Natural Minor Scale - Natural Minor Scale Construction - The Natural Minor Scale: Diatonic Chords - Major & Minor Chords within The Natural Minor Scale - The "II" Chord & The Natural Minor Scale - Minor Scale Intervals: Visualize & Apply - Quarter Note Rock Style: Minor Bass Line Ideas - Groove Study 2: Straight 8ths - 8th Note Pedaling - Key Note Pedaling - In The Style Of "Live Wire" by AC/DC - Root Note Pedaling - In The Style Of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana - Rock Bass: Picking Styles - In The Style Of "Sin City" by AC/DC - In The Style Of "Got The Time" by Joe Jackson - In The Style Of "She" by Green Day - Scale Visualization: Horizontal Arrangement - Open String Pedaling - In The Style Of "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll" by Judas Priest - Open String Pedaling: Riff Examples - In The Style Of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica - In The Style Of "Gotta Get Away" by The Offspring - In The Style Of "Breaking The Chains" by Dokken - In The Style Of "Forty Six & Two" by Tool - In The Style Of "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins - In The Style Of "Coast To Coast " by The Scorpions - Beyond Pedaling: Theme & Variation - Scalar Neighboring Tone - Chromatic Neighboring Tone - Beyond Pedaling: Expanding The Quarter Note Concept - In The Style Of "Mony Mony" by Tommy James & The Shondells - Beyond Pedaling: Theme & Variation; Major 6 Arpeggio Applicati Note from the author, Mr. Rod Goelz Basses Loaded: Volume 2 "Rock Edition" is part "history lesson" and part "improvisational workshop". In this edition, you'll learn Quarter, 8th & 16th note rhythmic combinations. I'll not only teach you how to play the lines and improvise the lines, but I'm even gonna show you how to make your bass GROWL! I hope you enjoy the sample audio loop SAMPLE LOOP: The GEEZ (visit

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