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Basses Loaded * Volume 4 * Groove Workshop with CD

Basses Loaded * Volume 4 * Groove Workshop with CD


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"The Basses Loaded Series by Rod Goelz is the industry's only Bass Method designed specifically for someone who is seriously committed to learning the electric bass." That's the chant kicking around all the magazine racks, educational string periodicals and musical water coolers across the country. Basses Loaded: Volume 4 "Groove Workshop" R & B and Motown Styles published by Santorella Publications covers numerous 16th Note Rhythmic Variations. You'll learn basic Finger-style & Pick-style applied to Rhythm & Blues. This "Motown" edition from Santorella teaches essential R&B "Ostinato" & Chord-to-Chord Patterns that are vital to this style. In the "Groove Workshop" edition, common scales, arpeggios and tone sets are used to develop the "5"Line Approaches" for building & improvising better R&B, Funk & Motown bass lines. Lastly, this edition features extensive lessons in the art of R&B and Motown ghosting, which are a rarely found elsewhere. Basses Loaded; Volume 4, Groove Workshop only available from Santorella Publications, features the styles of James Jamerson, Rocco Prestia, Tommy Cogbill, Chuck Rainey, "Duck" Dunn, Bernard Odum, David Hood, Bob Babbitt, George Porter Jr., Carol Kaye, Jerry Jemmott, and many more. This 72 page "Rhythm & Blues - Motown Edition" also includes an instructional CD with over 95 tracks of lessons and rhythm section play-a-longs. Be sure to visit Rod's Website @ to hear the sample audio loop of the "James Brown Style", put your dancin' shoes on & let that funky groove take you back. Note from the author, Mr. Rod Goelz Of all the cool things in the Basses Loaded Volume 4 "Groove Workshop", the coolest were the lessons on ghosting which are hardly ever found in any method book. Don't get me wrong, there's no-one cooler than Chuck Rainey or Jerry Jemmott ... okay James Jamerson's cooler. My point is... there is tons of R&B greatness is this volume.

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