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How To Play "Two Row" Button Accordion * Volume Three with CD

How To Play "Two Row" Button Accordion * Volume Three with CD


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How to Play Button Accordion Volume Three by Henry Doktorski teaches how to play the second row of buttons. This edition is a continuation of the lessons taught in volumes one and two. The one row button-box is more challenging to play due to the limitations of right-hand pitches & left-hand accompaniment. Therefore, a two row button-box is much easier to play. Doktorski's Volume Three contains assorted styles of music as well as classic pieces written by many great composers. The materials introduced in this edition are more complex than any of those found in the first two volumes. This added degree of complexity prohibits the use of the solfege notation. Therefore, this edition teaches the student to read standard music notation. Learning to play any musical instrument can be challenging, but can be extremely rewarding. Anyone with energy & desire can accomplish anything, but add a disciplined commitment to practice and a world of musical achievement and appreciation is standing by waiting for you! About John J. Kimmel: Button Accordion Pioneer Right Hand Pitches Left-Hand Buttons Right-Hand Buttons Pigalle: Lili Marleen: Blessed Assurance: Colonel Bogey March Old Rugged Cross Vieni Sul Mar: Beautiful Dreamer: Add C# - I've Been Working On The Railroad: Pitches on the 2nd Row Greensleeves: Introducing a Minor Key Hatikvah: Playing in A Minor O Sole Mio Bill Bailey William Tell The Waves of the Danube: Legato vs Staccatto Emperor Waltz: rubato vs strict rhythm Blue Danube: Articulations.

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