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Instrumental Poster Series - Flute

Instrumental Poster Series - Flute


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Santorella Publications is proud to present our Instrumental Fingering Poster Series. PERFECT FOR THE BANDROOM, CLASSROOM, PRIVATE STUDIOS, OR SIMPLY AS A BEGINNERS QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE WHILE PRACTICING AT HOME. These graphic 11 x 17 illustrations of assorted Brass, Reeds, Wind & Stringed Instruments are printed on heavy (100 lb) "wall-mountable" sturdy stock. This constantly expanding series currently includes Trumpet, Flute, Alto Sax, Trombone, Clarinet, The Circle of Fifths, French Horn, Tenor Sax, Euphonium, Tuba, Recorder and Violin. Each poster displays the complete range of each instrument by depicting a complete chromatic scale with fingering for each note, including every alternate enharmonic substitution. Each Fingering Poster also includes a "Circle of Fifths" diagram printed on them as well. This diagram is an essential tool for understanding how accidentals determine the key signature. Learning all the keys is an imperative element of music study which is the reason we also created a separate "Circle Of Fifths" full size poster, dedicated towards accomplishing this task. Santorella began in this industry by making a big splash with quality products written for brass, reed and stringed instruments. After spending over 20 years to successfully grow an extremely diverse catalog, we strongly feel that we have successfully re-established our roots. Be sure to keep your eye on Santorella Publications as we make a conscious effort to "return to the mother ship," and take the lead once again in developing fun, exciting, yet challenging new products for all instruments.

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