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Keys To Flamenco Guitar by Dennis Koster

Keys To Flamenco Guitar by Dennis Koster


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The AIG Flamenco Series approaches the study of flamenco in the same "organic" fashion one learns in Spain: beginning with basic chords and techniques, then applying them to songs and dances which are a part of daily life. As skills develop, flamenco forms are played with more complex technique. The subtlety of expression in advanced forms & techniques are then added to the guitarist's repertoire. As the series progresses, earlier examples are combined and expanded to become full-length solos utilizing the full range of flamenco technique. Each volume includes an instructional performance CD which adds life to this brilliant art form. Keys to Flamenco Guitar, distributed by Santorella Publications, begins with fundamental rhythms and techniques designed to be useful for both novice and advanced players. The techniques developed are rasguaedo (strumming), golpe (tapping), pulgar, alzapua (thumb techniques), ligado (left hand slurs), arpeggio (broken chords) and picado (scale technique). These techniques are applied to the rhythms of soleares, alegrias, farruca, tangos, tientos, bulerias, siguiriyas and verdiales. Extended solos are developed in most of these forms. This method is designed as a "self contained" course of instruction, bringing the student from a beginning level of flamenco to the performance of concert level solos.

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