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Portable Chords & Progressions

Portable Chords & Progressions


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Portable Chords & Progressions contain all the chords and progressions needed to play most every style of music. Whether it's Rock, Pop, Blues, Country or Folk, this fantastic guide has all the chords needed in order to play all the songs you know and love. In addition to learning such an extensive assortment of chords, Portable Chords & Progressions is great resource for learning chord progressions as well. Learning these sequences of chords, (Progressions) are not only useful for learning your favorite songs, but they also establish a solid foundation on which to create your own music. Simply create a melody, add some lyrics and who knows … maybe you've got yourself the next "Top 40" hit! This is one of the many "case-style" chord books available from Santorella Publications.

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