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Portable Alternative Rock Licks

Portable Alternative Rock Licks


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There are three main uses of this Handy Guide. The "gigging musician" will benefit from all the popular licks and can draw on this information as you would with an encyclopedia. For example, if you need a Classic Rock lick for your evening gig, simply turn to the Classic Rock section and transpose one of the licks into the desired key. For the student, just bring this guide to one of your lessons and have your teacher walk you through the licks and offer additional suggestions. For the guitar instructor, Portable Alternative Rock Licks is a fantastic resource for teaching your students popular sounding licks without having to spend countless hours transcribing them on your own. Now you can spend that extra time playing these licks and sharing in the excitement with each of your students. Here's an example of the types of licks we've already transcribed for you; Classic Rock Licks - Heavy Metal Licks - Alternative Licks This is just one of the many "case-style" chord books available from Santorella Publications.

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