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Ensenese A Tocar La Guitarra

Ensenese A Tocar La Guitarra


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Ensenese A Tocar La Guitarra, the Spanish edition of Teach Yourself Guitar (en espanol) by Bob Hartz is a step by step approach to playing guitar. The authenticity of its translation has attributed to its incredible success in Madrid. This "Teach Yourself" title has become one of our best selling titles in Spain. Ensenese A Tocar La Guitarra provides good basic exposure to the guitar; in addition an added advantage is the music theory information contained is applicable to all other instruments. Therefore you will not only be teaching yourself guitar, but be gaining invaluable universal music knowledge. Standard Notation and Tablature is used throughout which is important being that most all guitar music today is being written in this format. Knowledge of accepted standard notation and tablature will give you a real edge as a player. Ensenese A Tocar La Guitarra is a logical, step by step approach to learning how to play and teaching yourself at your own pace is the objective. Introduccion - Acerca de la guitarra - Tipos de guitarra - Como afinar la guitarra - Como sostener la guitarra - Notacion musical - Cadencia y valores de las notas - La primera cuerda - "mi" - La segunda cuerda - "si" - La tercera cuerda - do" - Como tocar acordes - Un momento de "silencio" - Notas en la cuarta cuerda - "re" - Notas en la quinta cuerda - la" - La alta - Notas en la sexta cuerda - "mi" - Acompañamiento de acordes graves - El acorde de fa usando tres cuerdas - Accidentales - Escala ascendente - Escala descendente - Notacion enarmonica - Arpegios - Transposicion - Compases principales de escalas y tonos - importantes simbolos - de la tablature.

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