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Teach Yourself Rock Licks for Guitar

Teach Yourself Rock Licks for Guitar


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Teach Yourself Rock Licks for Guitar by Jared Walker is a collection of 54 quintessential rock guitar riffs transcribed in the style of the original recording. Each is a "classic," chosen to create a mini-encyclopedia of licks including many different styles and textures. Teach Yourself Rock Licks, exclusively available from Santorella Publications, is intended for practicing technique and increasing your knowledge of guitar. It is a library of sources to inspire your own creativity and expand your musicianship. All selections have been chosen for specific reasons and need to meet very high standards. The criteria for inclusion are:  1) the lick unmistakably identifies the song it comes from,  2) the lick is exclusively a guitar riff and exploits the guitar's technical resources, and  3) the lick is a "Killer Lick" and you'll enjoy playing it.

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