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Teach Yourself Blues Guitar with CD

Teach Yourself Blues Guitar with CD


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If the title Teach Yourself Blues Guitar sparks you're interest then you obviously enjoy listening to a good blues guitarist and know a little something about the style of music. Acoustic, electric, slide or dobro, the guitar is unquestionably the instrumental voice of the blues. Teach Yourself Blues Guitar with CD by Paul J. Newman teaches the essential, classic, formative riffs, rhythms and patterns which define blues music. Learn how they fit into each structure to develop and enhance playing technique as well as creativity. This book provides an assortment of authentic riffs, licks and patterns transcribed in both standard notation and tablature exactly as performed by the blues masters."

Contents include:

  • Blues Structure and Rhythm
  • The 12 Bar Blues
  • Call & Response
  • Syncopation
  • Triplets
  • The Slide
  • Blues Melody & Phrasing
  • The Pentatonic Minor Scale
  • Melodic Shape
  • Melodic Transposition
  • Position Shifting
  • Triplets & Swing
  • The Pentatonic Major
  • Shuffle & Swing
  • Minor & Major
  • The Octatonic Scale
  • The Rockabilly Boogie
  • Note Bending
  • "The Stumble"
  • Playing the Box
  • The Index/Ring Finger Box Position
  • Bend & Release
  • Octatonics in Box Position
  • Lateral Bars
  • Beyond the Shuffle
  • Funk, Rock and Blues
  • Blues/Funk Rhythm
  • Rock Rhythm and Blues
  • Breaking Down the Beat
  • Blues to Rock
  • Classic Rock and Roll
  • The British Are Coming
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