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Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar with CD

Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar with CD


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It is often said that rhythm is the driving force of any music. It’s certainly an integral musical element. The guitar is often the instrument providing this rhythm in rock, jazz, and rhythm and blues. The rhythm guitarist has as important a role as the lead guitarist in any band. In understanding this fact, Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar by Paul J. Newman provides a comprehensive instructional approach to learning how to fill that essential rhythm role. The explanations of musical notation, rhythm, styles of rhythm, and technique are detailed and could fill a book of their own.

Some of the material surveyed is covered in greater detail in companion volumes such as Teach Yourself Chords & Progressions, Teach Yourself Scales & Modes and Teach Yourself Lead Guitar. All editions of "Teach Yourself" products are exclusively available from Santorella Publications including Teach Yourself Rhythm Guitar which stands alone, and to master its content would be an incredible reward.

  • Chord Frames
  • Notation
  • Chords, Keys and the Guitar
  • The Minor Triad
  • Seventh Chord
  • Minor Seventh Chord
  • Major Seventh Chord
  • Notes
  • Beats
  • Strumming
  • The Triplet
  • Syncopation
  • Strumming 16th Notes
  • Blues Rhythm
  • Blues to Rock
  • Beyond Rock
  • Jazz
  • Reggae and Ska
  • Technique
  • The Release
  • Muting
  • The Choke
  • Bass Chord Patterns
  • Position Shifting
  • Songs 1-8
  • "No Problem"
  • "I'll Drive"
  • "Free Swinger"
  • "Gentle Breeze"
  • "Circles"
  • "Spaces"
  • "Walk in the Park"
  • "Hi and Goodbye"
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