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Teach Yourself Scales & Modes with CD

Teach Yourself Scales & Modes with CD


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Scales and modes are an important part of the playing styles of so many great guitarists that to name them all would be an impossible. Teach Yourself Scales & Modes with an instructional CD by Jared Walker is a self-learning guide and fantastic tool for teaching scales and modes by using a step-by-step, gradual approach. The exercises with examples of over 100 scales and modes include standard notation and tablature with suggested fingerings.

  • The Derivation of Scales
  • The Twelve Major Scales
  • The Circle of Fifths
  • Open Position
  • Scales
  • Open Position Fingerings
  • Open Position Major Scales
  • Minor Scales
  • Relative Major and Minor Scales
  • Melodic Minor Scales
  • Open Position Minor Scales
  • The Box Position
  • Major and Minor Scale Box Positions
  • Scales with Position Shifts
  • Creating the Melodic Minor
  • The Modes
  • Box Patterns for the Modes
  • Two Octave Patterns for the Modes
  • Three Octave Patterns for the Modes
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