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Teach Yourself Lead Guitar with CD

Teach Yourself Lead Guitar with CD


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Teach Yourself Lead Guitar (distributed by Santorella Publications) is about playing lead guitar; so what will you find here? It is not a book of scales (but there are lots of them inside). Nor is it about guitar riffs and licks (yet many of the musical illustrations are riffs and licks). We talk music theory quite a bit as well (but this is not a theory book). Teach Yourself Lead Guitar is a guide book. We'll take you around lead guitar country, showing you the landscape, describing the things we come across, hopefully anticipating your questions with the answers. This book is designed for everybody, from complete beginner to "beginning to be complete" as a player.


  • The Right Hand
  • The Pentatonic Minor
  • Pentatonic Major
  • Articulation
  • Arpeggios
  • Pentatonic Major, part 2
  • Pentatonic Minor, part 2
  • Major and Minor Scales
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