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Easiest Way To Learn Guitar * Complete Edition

Easiest Way To Learn Guitar * Complete Edition


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The "Easiest Way To Learn Guitar * Complete Edition" by Robert Tarchara is an enjoyable and effective method for beginning the study of melodic (single note) guitar playing. Designed for self teaching, private lessons or group study, this innovative and unique guitar course builds confidence in the students as they progress rapidly. The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar series, distributed by Santorella Publications, establishes a strong foundation for future musical studies. Supplementary guitar chord and scale books are highly recommended. This 112 page Guitar Method is the complete way to learning the guitar. New material is introduced slowly and explained clearly. This allows the student to develop a feeling of confidence and to build a solid foundation for future musical studies. Here are some of the things you could be learning real soon; Types of Guitar and Parts - Holding the Guitar - The Right Hand - The Left Hand - Picking the Strings - Rudiments of Music - Time Signatures - The Names of the 6 Open Strings - Tuning the Guitar - Using a Metronome - Musical Terms - Music Stand - Our First Exercise - Types of Notes - Notes on the 1st String - Notes on the 2nd String - Notes on the 3rd String - ¾ Time Signature - Review the First 3 Strings - Songs Using the First 3 Strings - Notes on the 4th String - Ledger Lines - Notes on the 5th String - Notes on the 6th String - Review of Bottom 3 Strings - Songs Using Bottom 3 String - Songs Using All 6 Strings - Types of Rests - The Quarter Rest - The Half Rest - The Whole Rest - Assorted Songs - The Tie - More Assorted Songs - Pickup Notes - Repeat Signs - First and Second Endings - The Eighth Note - Alternate Picking - More Assorted Songs - The Eighth Rest - Time Signature - The Dotted Quarter Note - Dotted Quarter Notes - Endings to Songs - Whole Steps and Half Steps - Sharps - Flats - The Natural Sign - The Chromatic Scale - The Major Scale - Key Signatures - Accidentals - Major Scale Studies - Musical Signs.

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