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How To Play Guitar in Every Key

How To Play Guitar in Every Key


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How To Play Guitar In Every Key by Howard Wallach from Santorella Publications is not only one of the best selling guitar books in print today, but possibly the best-selling title in the entire Santorella catalog. How To Play Guitar In Every Key is consistently in the top 1, 2 or 3 in sales for the last 13 years and with close to 1,000 titles in print, this is certainly a tall task. Howard Wallach walks you through the process of outlining chords with various exercises and songs in every key. The student then learns to develop confidence in playing in any key, not just the common ones. Every exercise is written in both standard notation & tablature which is ideal for advancing guitarists as well as beginners. This phenomenal Santorella title is simply a guitar teacher's dream. Howard Wallach is well known for assembling material in a logical manner and this best selling Santorella Publication is no exception. How To Play Guitar In Every Key is a favorite among music educators across the country and a resource in demand throughout the world.

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