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Scales & Arpeggios Complete with CD

Scales & Arpeggios Complete with CD


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Scales & Arpeggios Complete for Guitar contains all scales and arpeggios used in every style of music by the contemporary guitarist. The materials in this Howard Wallach best-seller are presented in a systematic fashion including fingerings, which are both logical and muscularly efficient for the hand. Whether the guitarist reads music or not, it is necessary to memorize scale and arpeggio patterns, written in tablature, by forming a visual image of them on the fingerboard. The instructional CD will allow the student or professional to hear each example performed. It is not a guide to music theory, rather a practical manual to the complete mastery of all scales and arpeggios on the fingerboard for the contemporary guitarist. "This is the book I wish I had 20 years ago," profess the countless teachers and professionals that have seen this book.

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