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Patriotic Songs for Solo Guitar with CD

Patriotic Songs for Solo Guitar with CD


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Much like the Declaration of Independence, our Much like the Declaration of Independence, our patriotic songs are essentially a permanent part of the national fabric. Thematically, the songs are varied: Some of the pieces discuss key historical events; several tunes rally the martial spirit; others pay tribute to specific heroes who have sacrificed in the name of liberty. A gentle, hymn-like mood pervades some of the songs. Emotions such as loss and longing--and virtues such as courage, loyalty, and humor--are also major themes of these wonderful testimonies of American patriotism. Patriotic Melodies For Solo Guitar published by Santorella includes standard notation, tablature and performance CD recorded by the author, Larry McCabe. When you perform these Patriotic songs arranged for guitar by Larry McCabe, you will help convey the spirit and heritage of America to your family and friends. We know you will enjoy these arrangements and play each one with pride. PATRIOTIC SONGS & BUGLE CALLS: America (My Country 'Tis of Thee) - America the Beautiful - Anchors Aweigh - Battle Hymn of the Republic - The Caisson Song (When the Caissons Go Rolling Along) - Chester - Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean - Dixie - The Eighth of January - Jefferson and Liberty - Johnnie Has Gone for a Soldier - Keep the Home Fires Burning - Marine's Hymn - Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (and Smile, Smile, Smile) - Star-Spangled Banner - Yankee Doodle - Assembly - Reveille - Taps.

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