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Rhythm Poster

Rhythm Poster


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We are aware of the educational value of any teacher's aid product and do all we can to research and find stimulating supplements on a daily basis. We have found yet another incredible item: Posters by Phil Black. The Phil Black Posters are a great example of what can happen when graphic designer meets music educator. Each colorfully graphic representation of key musical elements is sure to get your attention. The creative genius of Phil Black is evident in each of these 11 x 17 posters. As every educator knows, keeping a high degree of enthusiasm is imperative for captivating your student's interest in an unobtrusive manner is the key.

Rhythm is one of the elements that define music. If this element is absent, you're just making noise. To be a good musician you must have a working understanding of rhythm. Phil Blacks Rhythm Poster for Guitar helps to create that repetitive hook upon which everything else hangs.

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