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Santorella's New Teach Yourself Guitar

Santorella's New Teach Yourself Guitar


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Teach Yourself Guitar published by Santorella Publications is the first in a series including CD that was initially created as an impulse product for a typical independent Guitar & Amp shop. In a market flooded with similar products, we swiftly learned that this edition was more than just a quick fix for the beginner. Although titled Teach Yourself Guitar, it contains much more than basic instruction. Accordingly it has become the standard for countless educators as a private lesson study guide. Our challenge was to create an approach to guitar that was easy to understand and followed a logical step by step progression. To truly master the guitar, one must have their eyes set on short-term goals in order to achieve long-term results. Santorella met this challenge by providing a proven curriculum to learning the many facets of playing the guitar in this guide.

  • Types of Guitars
  • Tuning the Guitar
  • Holding the Guitar
  • Musical Notation
  • Timing and Note Values
  • The First String: E
  • The Second String: B
  • The Third String: C
  • Playing Chords
  • It's Time to Rest
  • Notes on the Fourth String: D
  • Notes on the Fifth String: A
  • High A Notes on the Sixth String: E
  • Bass Chord Accompaniments
  • The F Chord Using Three Strings
  • Accidentals
  • Ascending Scales
  • Descending Scales
  • Enharmonic Notation
  • Arpeggios
  • Transposition
  • Major Scale and Key Signatures
  • Important Tablature Symbols
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