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Jazz Guitar * Learn To Improvise with CD

Jazz Guitar * Learn To Improvise with CD


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Jazz Guitar - Learn to Improvise with CD published by Santorella Publications is a melodic approach to improvisation written by a respected Boston based author & educator, Ed O'Brien. Learn to Improvise is the first in a series of jazz guitar books designed to familiarize students with fundamental techniques and concepts of jazz improvisation. The process of learning jazz improvisation is a vast area requiring much study and practice. Many books have been written on this expansive topic, but typically cater to a specific era or style; i.e., Swing, Bebop, etc. Jazz Guitar - Learn to Improvise takes a broadminded approach, and provides the student with concepts and examples that can be applied to jazz of any era. The performance CD contains every example, played at a moderate tempo, which allows students to not only read the exercise, but hear it as well. Scales, arpeggios, chord voicings, II/V7 progressions and chromatic voice leading are just a few topics covered. "This is truly a comprehensive approach to melodic improvisation; a must-buy product from Santorella Publications." Section 1 - Scale Sequences - Relative Keys - Exercises 1-2 - Combining Sequences - Section 2 - Intervallic Sequences - Exercises 3-5 - A Study in 6ths - Chord Voicings - Section 3 - Harmonized Scales - Arpeggio Sequences - A Study in Sequences - Section 4 - II V7 Progression - Examples 1-10 - Minor Key II V7 - Examples 1-8 - Section 5 - Chromatic Approach - Chromatic Etude - Exercises 7-10 - Conclusion - Appendix - Harmonized Scales: Major - Minor - Harmonic Minor - Circle of Fifths.

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