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Star Spangled Banner & America the Beautiful: Piano Vocal Edition

Star Spangled Banner & America the Beautiful: Piano Vocal Edition


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"The Star Spangled Banner," written by John Stafford Smith with lyrics by Francis Scott Key, and "America the Beautiful," written by Samuel A. Ward, are the two songs that dignify our presence on this earth and the freedoms we so fortunately possess. If not for the sacrifices of so many men and women in arms, we may not be here today. It is imperative that we always give thanks to these true heroes and salute all those, past and present, which have given their lives for the birth of this great country and continue to serve to protect our freedom. There are no better means in which to express your appreciation than with these two significant titles published by Santorella Publications. This is a great opportunity to show your gratitude for all that they have done and continue to do. Express your allegiance by learning these two piano vocal arrangements by Jonathon Robbins which includes the historic "tale-telling" lyrics and chord box diagrams for guitar.

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