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How To Play Trombone & Baritone

How To Play Trombone & Baritone


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How To Play Trombone or Baritone Horn published by Santorella Publications is a beginning method written by a respected author and educator Denise Gendron. Denise has been teaching instrumental music since 1976, specializing in early grades. She has also written an instruction series for strings and received the NSOA Director of the Year Award in 1994. Santorella's How To Play Trombone or Baritone Horn is part of a series of method books for brass and reed instruments intended for private study or homogenous group lessons. Each page contains a "Band Booster" which can be played individually or by an ensemble of any combination of trumpet, clarinet, flute, alto sax, trombone or euphonium. This methodic approach is for early grade beginners as well as adults. One thing is for sure, with careful practice, repetition & commitment these 23 lessons are guaranteed to get you on the right track. "Playing Trombone or Baritone Horn has never been so easy!"

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