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Mitchell on Trumpet * Book 1 with DVD

Mitchell on Trumpet * Book 1 with DVD


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Mitchell on Trumpet is revered by educators around the globe and stands unequalled by any other published approach for trumpet. This proven curriculum will guide any ambitious student on a path towards performance excellence. It takes you from the beginning to the extreme limits of the horn through a gradual progression of 82 balanced lessons developing your range from low F# to G above high C. Mitchell on Trumpet provides an advancing student with the ability to conquer any obstacle they may face in any musical passage written for trumpet. Any student who completes Mitchell on Trumpet will be among a select few who possess the endurance, technique and flexibility necessary to become an exceptional performer. There are countless professionals, educators and performers who claim that Harold Pappy Mitchell's method is the most complete method ever written and is now exclusively available from Santorella Publications re-engraved from scratch which includes an instructional DVD. To follow are just a few of the endorsements we received For Harold Mitchell s Method for Trumpet 1. This magnificent method that will prepare the player for whatever they may encounter. The well designed lessons & melodic exercises maintain the students' interest while keeping the mind attentive to the most important fundamentals of the instrument. Gary Grant: Studio Player & Member of Jerry Heys Horn Section. 2. Upon beginning Mitchell on Trumpet I was amazed at how quickly my reading skills & physical capabilities improved. I recommend this marvelous approach for trumpet players of any discipline. Bob Strickland: Jazz Trumpet Recording Artist 3. Having used all 4 volumes of Mitchell s Method. I feel it is the most comprehensive treatise I ve ever seen. My students have had considerable success from the etudes & studies. This method has made a monumental contribution to trumpet instruction. Col. Gilbert Mitchell: U.S. Army Band. 4. As a Freelance Musician in L.A., I must be able to play all styles of Music. Pappy s approach is perfect for obtaining endurance, flexibility, accuracy, and range. I highly recommend this method to all students & professionals. Bob O'Donnell: L.A. Freelance Player. 5. My teacher Leo De Mers introduced me to Mitchell on Trumpet. Until then I had only played out of the Arban s book. The difference with Pappy's approach was how musical the lessons were. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to play anything. I highly recommend these books to every trumpet player. Rick Baptist: L.A. Lead Player for Dancing with the Stars. 6. I had the honor of presenting a well deserved award to Harold for earning the respect of his fellow musician s at the NYBC. It is with great appreciation & admiration that I am bestowed with this distinct honor. Charles Colin: Publisher of Many Great Brass Titles. 7. I had the pleasure of studying with Pappy who took me through all four editions of Mitchell on Trumpet. The exercises provide a solid foundation of the fundamentals of playing. I highly recommend them to all students of the horn. Ron King: L.A. Studio Musician 8. I studied with many teachers while establishing my career and made a special effort to seek out many respected educators and Harold Mitchell was one of them. Pappy had an extremely disciplined approach, yet remained positive. He always gave you a feeling of confidence with his endless reservoir of uplifting sayings. My studies with Pappy were structured around his thorough approach which I highly recommend for any serious student as I believe it is an extremely effective method. Herb Alpert: Creator of the Tijuana Brass, Recording Artist & Founder of the A&M Record Label Pappy lived at a time when musicians played a vital role in popular entertainment. This is the culmination of his life's work and remains today as the only complete course ever written for trumpet.

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