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Mitchell on Trumpet * Book 2 with CD

Mitchell on Trumpet * Book 2 with CD


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Mitchell on Trumpet is revered by educators around the globe and stands unequalled by any other published approach for trumpet. This proven curriculum will guide any ambitious student on a path towards performance excellence. It takes you from the beginning to the extreme limits of the horn through a gradual progression of 82 balanced lessons developing your range from low F-sharp to G above high C. Mitchell on Trumpet - Book 2 continues this exciting journey with Lesson 27 and introduces many advanced concepts while extending the student's range to High C. The exercises and studies cover all phases of playing with the ultimate goal of acquiring and maintaining a strong flexible embouchure. Los Angeles studio pro, Chris Tedesco, will guide you through selected excerpts from all 19 lessons (#27 through #45) by playing, demonstrating, and encouraging the student from start to finish on the included audio CD. Pappy often said, "Perfect practice makes perfect, careless practice makes mediocrity, and no practice makes nothing." Since every individual has their own unique set of strengths and challenges, the time necessary to devote to studying this method will vary from student to student. The important thing is to establish a structured schedule that is appropriate for you. There are countless professionals, educators, and performers who claim that Mitchell on Trumpet is the most complete trumpet method ever written. The student who completes Mitchell's Method will be among a select few who possess the endurance, technique, and flexibility needed to conquer any obstacle that they may encounter in any musical passage ever written for trumpet. This Book 2 and all that follow are dedicated to Harold's son, Ollie Mitchell for his tireless pursuit to see his Pappy's work available for many future generations of aspiring trumpet players. Ollie touched so many lives, but sadly, was peacefully reunited with his Pappy when he passed away at home surrounded by family and friends on May 11, 2013. Harold Mitchell lived during a time when musicians played a vital role in popular entertainment. It was a nostalgic era of live performances in music & theater. Mitchell on Trumpet is the culmination of Pappy's life's work and still remains today as the only complete course ever written for learning to play the trumpet.

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