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Mel Bay

Bass Bible Book and 2 CDs

Bass Bible Book and 2 CDs


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by Paul Westwood with 2 CD's; an amazingly thorough overview of electric bass styles and techniques, shown in staff and tab notation and played on the CDs; covers finger style, picks, nails, slap bass, tapping, damping, harmonics, walking bass lines, theory, chord changes, basic grooves, Latin, Motown, rock, world music and much more. I've been playing and teaching bass over 25 years and would highly recommend this book to my students. 285 pages. Contents: Introduction BOOK ONE Techniques Finger style Soft/Hard Playing Tone Spanish Style Plectrums & Picks Nail Playing Slap Bass The Squeeze Right Hand Tapping Damping Walking 4 and Damping Patting Harmonics Pedals and Effects 49 Steps to Basic Theory Walking Bass Lines Scales, Arpeggios and Scale Exercises Major Scales Minor Scales Diatonic Modes Arpeggios (Major) Arpeggios (Minor) Scale Exercises Swing 4 Basic Changes Swing 4 with Chord Extensions Swing 4 with Passing Notes Triplet Fills Chord Sequences and Improvisation Pop Latin Ballad Jazz BOOK TWO Basic Grooves 8th Note Basic Grooves 16th Note Basic Grooves 12/8 Shuffle Basic Grooves Blues and R&B 12/8 Blues and R & B (Shuffle Feel) 4/4 Blues and R & B Soul JAMES JAMERSON and Motown Bass Fills CHUCK RAINEY and Atlantic Records JAMES BROWN and Funk STANLEY CLARKE Rock Straight 8th Note feel Syncopated 8th Note feel 16th Note feel Shuffle feel BOOK THREE Latin Music Latin Styles Latin Riffs Double Time Latin Riffs Salsa Spanish Flamenco Mexican Mariachi Cuban Mambo Cuban Rock Jamaican Reggae Even feel Even feel, no downbeat Shuffle feel Shuffle feel, no downbeat Colombia Brazilian Samba Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia BOOK FOUR African Music African Riffs North Africa & the Middle East Somalia Mali Guinea Cameroon Republic Congo (Zaire) Zimbabwe South Africa & Soweto BOOK FIVE Boogie Lines Larry Graham & Mark King -- Slap Bass Slap (Beginners) Larry Graham -- Slap (Boogie) Mark King -- Slap (Popping) Jaco Pastorius -- Fretless Bass Riffs Fretless Bass Solos Natural Harmonics Chordal Harmonics Arpeggio Chord Progressions with Harmonics Synthesizer Bass Modern Riffs -- Jazz & Progressive Lines Modern Riffs Jazz & Progressive Lines.

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