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Mel Bay

Guitarist's Guide & Almanac

Guitarist's Guide & Almanac


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The Guitar Guide: At the dawn of the folk guitar boom of the 1960s Jerry Silverman's two books, "The Folksinger's Guitar Guide", volumes 1 and 2 set the gold standard for guitar instructional material. They sold in the hundreds of thousands of copies and inspired a generation (and more) of aspiring pickers and singers with their combination of folksongs and the various techniques needed to accompany them.

The Almanac: Unique in the annals of guitar literature, its purpose is to present to the interested reader a body of material relating to the guitar and the guitarist that is generally not touched upon in the usual method books. This material has been drawn from the personal experiences of the author, and it contains advice about choosing, studying and teaching the guitar, as well as discussions about strings, capos, fingernails and other "accessories after the fact".

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