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Bulgarian decorated Kaval Flute in D

Bulgarian decorated Kaval Flute in D


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A three piece instrument crafted of plum wood, the Kaval offers an approximate two and one half octave, nearly chromatic range. It is a long instrument, measuring approximately 23 inches in overall length, with an ethereal, natural melodic sound.

A handcrafted folk flute, pitch is relative, based on the instruments tonal characteristics. Still, pitch interval is true according to the relative root. An example: Bulgarian Kaval pitched in D (solface "Re"), offers a note range of D, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B. Overblowing will jump the instrument a fifth higher, with a low note of A. Further overblowing will push the instruments range further, into a low note scale of F#. A special multiphonic mode called "Kaba" allows playing in low octave D and B registers.


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