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Casey Burns

Casey Burns Keyless Folk Flute for Irish Music, in Blackwood

Casey Burns Keyless Folk Flute for Irish Music, in Blackwood


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[Update: Casey Burns has decided to stop making his Folk Flutes and we were lucky to receive one of his last batches. Get one while you still can.]

The popular Folk Flute is a three-piece wooden flute for playing traditional music: nothing more, but nothing less! Crafted individually by hand in America from African Blackwood by artisan flutemaker Casey Burns, each Folk Flute is unique and will only gain character and depth of tone with age--as will all traditional wooden flutes. It is designed for:

  • beginning and intermediate wooden flute players
  • beginning Irish music players
  • whistle players getting a "first flute"
  • younger flute players
  • experienced players with limited budgets
  • experienced players who want a fine instrument for travel
  • players who want a great instrument with a proven track record

The Folk Flute is the Best Choice for beginning players, period. The Folk Flute features the same acoustical design as Casey's more expensive flutes, voiced and tuned with the same degree of care and attention, using exactly the same reamers and processes.

Available in Standard and Small-Handed versions with ergonomic offset holes, or Standard and Small Handed Straight inline versions.

Folks with larger hands  can also try versions with large holes (inline or ergonomic) for the biggest sound (Mickie, the founder of LITM, loves this model). 

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