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Clapbox Cajon - Cajembe

Clapbox Cajon - Cajembe


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  • Compact Design, Big Sound: The cajon's compact size makes it effortlessly portable, fitting into any musical setting. Despite its small footprint, it delivers a powerful percussive presence, ideal for on-the-go musicians and versatile performances. 
  • Exquisite Tonewoods: Crafted from premium woods like birch your cajon resonates with exceptional clarity and warmth. The choice of high-quality materials enhances its tonal richness, ensuring a superior and nuanced musical experience. 
  • Dynamic Snare Adjustment: The cajon's innovative design allows players to finely tune the snare wires, tailoring the instrument's response on the go. From crisp snare accents to mellow tones, achieve a versatile range of sounds with precision and ease. 
  • Global Popularity: This cajon has achieved worldwide acclaim, becoming one of the most popular percussion instruments across diverse musical genres, thanks to its accessibility, versatility, and unique rhythmic capabilities. 
  • Careful Aesthetics: This cajon has superior feet for a well rounded sound. 

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 20 inches

Width: 12 inches

Depth:  12 inches



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