Media Barrage, Volume 1  Book/CD Set

Barrage is a hot young touring group of seven violinists, one percussionist, one kit player, guitarist, bass and keyboard players, performing a mix of original world beat music by Dean Marshall, with infectious and irresistible energy. Barrage combines jazz, swing, Celtic roots, rock, klezmer, country, calypso and every musical style in between to create an eclectic and electrifying assault on the senses. After hundreds of requests for the music of Barrage, this volume of sheet music has finally been produced. The texture of the music has been simplified from the group's seven parts down to 1 to 3 violin parts, with various markings included (bar numbers, fingerings, and bowings) which can be useful in group situations. In terms of difficulty, these arrangements are definitely written for the more intermediate to advanced player. The companion Enhanced CD has two exciting applications: You can print the piano/guitar accompaniment sheet music from your computer, and you can insert the same CD in your stereo for play along with the pre-recorded piano accompaniment tracks!

Barrage, Volume 1 Book/CD Set