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Jack Baritone English Concertina Package

Jack Baritone English Concertina Package


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Baritone concertina: 30 keys, ranging from the second G below middle C to the first C above middle C. Fully chromatic.
Traditional keyboard layout (the Jack sounds one octave lower than notated), spacing, key diameter and key travel (key height).
6 fold bellows
traditional thumb straps.
Custom accordion type steel reeds.
Gig bag
Tutor, especially written for this instrument
It teaches the basics of playing concertina, music notation, rhythm, music theory, etc.. The tutor is suitable for both self study and for use in formal lessons.

The Jack has been developed especially for beginning players on the English concertina. Although the instruments are perfectly capable of meeting the requirements of intermediate players, we understand that many players might want to upgrade to a vintage or new instrument later on. With this in mind, we made all the important features, such as key board lay out, spacing of the keys, key diameter, key travel (the height of the keys), number of bellows folds, type of thumb straps, etc. identical to traditional English concertinas, to assure a smooth transition to a higher class concertina later on.

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