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Folk Songs & Dances From The Balkans - Pan Flute Book/CD Set

Folk Songs & Dances From The Balkans - Pan Flute Book/CD Set


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FOLK SONGS AND DANCES FROM THE BALKANS - PANFLUTE EDITION is a small, but representative collection of well-known and lesser-known beautiful melodies from the Balkans. The difference between the folk music from Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Dalmatia, Turkey or Slovenia is very easy to hear. There are also distinct regional differences inside these national styles.

This great cultural diversity is transmitted to the music of these peoples, which constitutes an important part of their lives and traditions. The types and styles of vocal and instrumental folk music are very different: slow old epic ballads with archaic form and rich ornaments, vital songs with beautiful melodies and various texts about all the human feelings (love, satirical, drinking, lullabies, etc), pastoral songs, dynamic male or female dances for large and small groups performed in an open or closed circle, semicircle, straight or winding line.

The carefully chosen the melodies offer a rich, enjoyable and varied book. The arrangements and other adaptations (keys, ornaments, etc.) have been introduced to make this beautiful South-Eastern European music more suitable for performance on the panflute. It is recommended to repeat each piece 3-4 times because the melodies (like all folk songs in the world) are very short.

Titles included:




Children's Song

Quick Circle Dance

Elena's Horo

Dajcovo's Horo


On the Mountain of Zalongou


Hassapiko (The Butcher's Dance)


Mother Turks

Tsakonico (Dance from Tsakonia)

My Little Ribbon

Kalamatiano (Dance from Kalamata)



Dark Blue Grapes

My Boy, My Boy

Love the Girls


Radu, Darling

Good Is the Rosé Wine

 I'm Going to Cross the River Olt

The Old Man’s Dance from Arbore

Dance from Moldavia

Play Again, Your Violin

Old-fashioned Dance

Sârba from Ploiesti


There, Behind the Izar

How Can I Love Somebody

Dance from Koroska

The Sun Set Behind the Hill



A Boy and Girl’s Desire

The Stream of Lepenica

I'll Fall in Sleep

When the Violets Come Out


Patriotic Song

Flute Piano


One Little Marten

The Little Shepherdess

My Green Rosemary


The Dance of Old Glisha

Miloshevo's Kolo

Mara Watch the Sheep

The Girl from Sumadija

The Old Women from Gradista

When the Roses Bloom

Vlainjica's Kolo


Sarajevo, Beautiful Place

Mara Crosses Over the Bosna

The Carnation

The Big Market from Prijedor

Jumping Dance


Coloured Socks

I Am Marooned in the Mountains

Who Do You Love?

The First Love

Are You Home My Love?

The Bad Grandfather

Grape Gathering


I Must Marry an Old Man

Love Song

You May Not Stay Long in Life, Grey Horse

A Room With a Ceiling

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