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D Minor Silhouette, by Freenotes

D Minor Silhouette, by Freenotes


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The Silhouettes complete the metal trio with the Wings and Bass Octaves. Resonated soprano aluminum chimes, ranging one octave above the Wings, create a brightly crisp sound to compliment the soothing tones of the Wing and Bass Octave. These instruments allow anyone to step effortlessly into ensemble play regardless of experience. Struck with wooden disk mallets of traditional Balinese design, the half wave resonators capture a lovely floating sustain of each note played.


is a resonated xylophone with 11 notes in a pentatonic scale.

11 notes (D-E-F-A-A#-D-E-F-A-A#-D)
1″ diameter aluminum chimes
2 octaves
Includes 2 Silhouette Mallets
7 pounds
Dimensions: 20”x18”x3”

Suitable for both beginners and trained musicians. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, therapy, early childhood, aged care, trauma sufferers, higher functioning, cognitive skills, self expression, motor skills and increasing social and emotional development and well being.

  • Suitable for beginners and trained musicians
  • Handmade by Grammy Award winner
  • Explore your creative musicality
  • Notes sustain for over six seconds
  • No moving parts, no tuning
  • Endorsed by music therapists
  • Ideal for special needs children/adults
  • Sturdy, lightweight, portable
  • Enables all to unlock their creative potential


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