Dulcimers Cutaway Mountain Dulcimer, 4, Turns
The Cutaway Dulcimer plays the same and sounds the same as a traditional mountain dulcimer. One side, however, is narrower which allows the dulcimer to be played in a "guitar position" in addition to the normal "lap position". Thus the fingering is inverted from normal style. It is kind of a missing link between the tradional mountain dulcimer and our "stick style" Wildwood Dulcimer. The inverted fingerings are a little easier for guitar players but it still produces the rich, full sound of a mountain dulcimer. When you want to play in a traditional style, lay it flat and play it like any other mountain dulcimer.

The solid spruce soundboard features three " f " holes. The back, sides, and fretboard, are rosewood. The fretboard has arches underneath allowing free space between the soundboard and the fretboard. The carved scroll peghead has geared 4:1 banjo style tuners.

Roosebeck Cutaway Mountain Dulcimer, 4, Turns