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Roosebeck Trail Dulcimer, 3 String, Lacewood

Roosebeck Trail Dulcimer, 3 String, Lacewood


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• 3-Strings, Easy to Play
• Less Than 1 lb. Take it Anywhere
• Sheesham Fingerboard with a 6 1/2 Fret
• Spruce Soundboard, Cream Colored, Straight Grained
• Lacewood Body and Neck
• Intricate Laser Cut Sound Hole
Fun, lightweight, and easy to play, our Trail Dulcimer has the rich sound of a mountain dulcimer with just a little bit of banjo twang. The body style of the Trail Dulcimer allows it to be played like a guitar instead of the traditional "flat in the lap" position of the mountain dulcimer. With a spruce soundboard over a carved lacewood body, the Trail Dulcimer produces a lot of volume for such a compact instrument.

The Trail Dulcimer has three string courses: a wound string at the top, a plain center string, and a plain string at the bottom. Many tunings will work, but we recommend the G3 D4 G4 to make it easy to pick up and play. The frets are arranged in a diatonic scale, just like an Appalachian mountain dulcimer and included is the infamous "6 1/2" fret just below the octave position allowing play in Ionian mode. The possibilities are many; playing the Trail Dulcimer can be as easy or as complicated as your care to make it. Explore!

nut width=1.25"

body width=4.3"

body thickness=1.5"
overall length = 25.75
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