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The SlimPicker Strumstick

The SlimPicker Strumstick


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The G-29 SlimPicker comes with Spruce top and a plain soundhole.  It has a high bright tone, and it is tuned to G. A consistent reaction when people hear it for the first time is "how do you get so much sound out of such a little body". Utterly portable, for adults traveling light, and for older kids. High visual contrast with the white Spruce and the red Padouk, and white/red/white stripe when seen from the side.

• Padouk neck and body, Spruce top, Maple back
• 29" long, 4" wide, 1.25"deep.
• weight 11 oz.
• 23" scale length
• Tuned G, D, G'
• Can retune for A, F, E, D (lower limit)


Stop...Strum...Relax... No Wrong Notes!


The Strumstick is designed for non-players, and is delightfully easy to learn. 
The Strumstick was created by Bob McNally (designer of the Martin Backpacker Guitar) and has a perfect blend of ease and versatility.  Full instructions, chords and songs included. Handmade in USA, of all solid woods. 


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