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Roosebeck Wildwood Dulcimer, Rosewood

Roosebeck Wildwood Dulcimer, Rosewood


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• Strings: 2-Melody, 1-Middle & 1-Base
• Less Than 2 lb. Take it Anywhere
• Sheesham Fingerboard with 6 1/2 & 13 1/2 Fret
• Spruce Soundboard, Cream Colored, Straight Grained
• Sheesham Body and Mahogany Neck
• 3 Sound Holes with Interlocking Rings
Fun, lightweight, and easy to play, our Wildwood Dulcimer has the rich sound of a mountain dulcimer with just a little bit of banjo twang. The body style of the Wildwood allows it to be played like a guitar instead of the traditional "flat in the lap" position of the mountain dulcimer. The teardrop spruce soundboard with three rosettes stands out in contrast to the long, thin sheesham finger board. The overall Length is 34 1/2", Width 7" and Height 2 1/2". The width of the neck is 1 3/8 ".

The Wildwood has four string courses which are loop end strings: a wound string at the top, an unwound center string, and two unwound strings tuned in unison, at the bottom. Many tunings will work, but we recommend the traditional DADD to make it easy to pick up and play. The frets are arranged in a diatonic scale, just like an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, but added is the infamous "6 1/2" fret just below the octave position allowing play in Ionian mode. The Bridge to nut is 24 1/2". The possibilities are many, playing the Wildwood Dulcimer can as easy or as complicated as you care to make it. Explore!
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