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Lark in the Morning




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The Diddlebow comes from the mountain folk. We don't know how far back. The mountain folks are very inventive and come up with so many instruments which we are still finding.

This one is a one steel-string guitar. It is 30 inches long by 1- 1/2 wide, two feet on it so it can sit on the a table. It has one geared guitar tuner on one end, and a single string runs across the body through a tin can, which is the sound resonator.

You can tune it to any pitch. You use a metal or glass slide just like on a steel or dobro guitar. You run the slide up the string and get a beautiful sliding sound used a lot in playing the blues music and country music. As you move the slide up the string, you will go through all notes in a chromatic scale just like a guitar scale. There is no note you can't find.

Small enough and easy to carry. Try one, you will enjoy it.


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