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Lark in the Morning

Learn to Play Irish Tenor Banjo & Mandolin DVD

Learn to Play Irish Tenor Banjo & Mandolin DVD


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Tuning, basic melody, techniques including: picking, triplets, slides, moving triplets, longnotes, different rhythms and repertoire.

Sample tunes include Star Of Munster, Reconciliation, Maid Behlnd The Bar, Saddle The Pony, Morning Dew, Japanese Hornpipe, Mason's Apron, Plalns Of Boyle, Tamlin and more. Seamus was born in Offaly, Ireland. He started playing button accordion at 3 years of age and the banjo when he was 6 years old. Seamus now lives in the USA and performs regularly.

This video is recommended for players of the Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Cittern, Mandola and Irish Bouzouki who want to learn the Irish Style.

Filmed in the 1980s.

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