Media Mr Bones: How To Play The Bones DVD

Percy Danforth started playing the bones in 1908 when he was eight years old. He is the master of two-handed bones playing. Percy says, "Playing the bones with one hand isn't playing. It's just rattling the bones." This is the definitive work on playing the bones! Learn to Play, The History of the Bones, The Life and Times of Percy Danforth, Lots of Great Music with Percy and some of Mendocino's finest musicians. Learn all Percy's secrets, alignment, tone, subtlety, and how to hold the bones. There are examples of rolls, taps, triplets, flams, syncopated rhythms, different time signatures, and segments using slow motion video. Included are lots of examples with live (and very lively) music. Vintage footage from the 1980s. You need 2 pair of bones to get the most out of this video.

Mr Bones: How To Play The Bones DVD

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